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Learn how to identify objects when using SwiftUI's List and ForEach

How to use the \.self key path and the Identifiable protocol in SwiftUI.

14 Oct 2021

How to use async/await in SwiftUI

Learn how use view modifiers to call async/await methods in SwiftUI.

12 Sep 2021

How to unit test async/await functions in Swift

Learn how to write unit tests for async/await functions.

20 Jul 2021

How to call async/await functions concurrently in Swift

Learn how to call async/await functions in parallel with tasks.

30 Jun 2021

Extending optionals in Swift

Quick tip on how to extend an optional in Swift

16 May 2021

How to add local Swift Packages to an iOS project

Learn how to add local dependencies to your iOS project by using Swift Package Manager and Xcode

17 Apr 2021

Preparing for a technical job interview